Army Rangers Move to Expel Communists Within Their Ranks

Army Ranger’s ACU uniform with a Silver Star and a Purple Heart pinned on, Source: Department of Defense


Leaders of America’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment have ordered the thorough examination of every soldier within their ranks to expel any who share the anti-American beliefs of avowed Communist 2nd Lieutenant Spenser Rapone

VERO BEACH, FL (TruNews) On Friday the commanders of the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment launched an unprecedented sweep of the social media accounts and dormitory rooms of approximately 2,400 to 2,800 soldiers assigned to the unit. 

According to an official briefed on the inspection, the intended goal was to identify and oust any individuals who share similar anti-American views as avowed Communist 2nd Lieutenant Spenser Rapone.

“There are McCarthy-like interviews taking place at battalion and the USMA,” the military official told TruNews correspondent Edward Szall. “Your name was brought up as the ‘pit bull’ that would tear this commie hunt wide open.”

The large scale search was carried out by the units officers and non-commissioned officers throughout the weekend and under the guise of a standard “heath and welfare inspection”, a military check which can be authorized by a units commander to seize drugs, illegal contraband and unauthorized equipment from a soldiers living quarters.

“A defacto stand down like this is usually only done informally and in secret, and never in this large of a scale” the military official said Friday. “The regiments leadership wants to be able to say conclusively, there are no communists hiding in our ranks.”

Under the Hatch Act of 1939, active duty military personnel are barred from engaging in partisan political actions, which according to DoD Directive 1344.10 includes social media activity, and additionally any support or membership to “communist-action organizations” are outlawed under the Communist Control Act of 1954.

The order to identify and purge anti-American soldiers from the ranks of one of America’s top military units follows TruNews’ report that West Point graduate 2LT Rapone was removed for cause from Alpha Company 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment prior to attending the United States Military Academy (USMA) in 2012.

According to multiple sources who served with 2LT Rapone in Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 75 Ranger Regiment, he was “removed from service” or “RFS’d” from the unit. after several incidents of insubordination and gross negligence, including circumventing his chain of command by enlisting the outside help of a U.S. Senator to override his company commanders decision to not recommend him for acceptance into the USMA.

This information was not conveyed to the leadership overseeing 2LT Rapone at West Point, nor were the further developments of his anti-American beliefs detailed to his leadership at 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, part of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, NY.

These repeated failures to adequately address 2LT Rapone’s radicalization ultimately led to the approval of his attendance to the Army’s elite Ranger School at Fort Benning, GA, in February 2017, where he was removed after disrespecting several senior military officials assigned to the Ranger Training Brigade (RTB), including a heated verbal confrontation with CSM Victor Ballesteros and Colonel Douglas Vincent.

Reached for comment on Thursday, a spokesman for the Ranger Training Brigade confirmed 2LT Rapone had been removed from Ranger School Class 06-17 in February 2017 for unspecified violations, but could not provide details about the specific actions.

Army Ranger Regiment Headquarters, the Ranger Training Brigade and 2/87 IN BN could not be reached for further comment prior to the publishing of this report.

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