FBI Director: Drone Attacks ‘Coming Here Imminently’

Terrorist attacks using drones against American citizens is a rapidly emerging threat that could “be here imminently,” according to FBI Director Christopher Wray.


During testimony Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray raised the alarm that terrorist groups may soon attempt drone attacks on American citizens soon.

I think we do know that terrorist organizations have an interest in using drones,” he said. “We’ve seen that overseas already with growing frequency. I think the expectation is that it’s coming here imminently. I think they are relatively easy to acquire, relatively easy to operate, and quite difficult to disrupt and monitor.”

National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen agreed with Wray’s assessment. He said the threat of terrorist drone strikes has been rapidly emerging:

“Two years ago this was not a problem. A year ago it was an emerging problem. Now it’s a real problem. So we’re quickly trying to up our game …

Full article: FBI Director: Drone Attacks ‘Coming Here Imminently’ (TruNews)

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