EU will make sure Brexit deal is NEGATIVE for Britain – ex-German envoy’s shock admission


Thomas Matussek said Britain would not gain from leaving the European Union [GETTY•DW NEWS]

A GERMAN diplomat lambasted ‘hard’ Brexiteers who think Britain can gain from leaving the European Union, saying Brussels will make sure the move is negative.

Thomas Matussek, former German Ambassador to the UK, said the Brexit divorce bill would be “considerable” and transitional period “long”.

Speaking on the Today programme, on BBC Radio 4, Mr Matussek said any positives for the UK on leaving the bloc would “encourage other” member states rot follow Britain out.

But he said the European Union and Britain should aim for a CETA agreement, the new deal between the EU and Canada, which comes into force on Thursday.

“But of course, in the end, for you it has to be a minus to the present status quo.”

“If it’s a plus, then it would encourage others.”

Asked if he would expect the divorce bill to be “considerable” for the UK and for the transition period to be long, he said he would “assume that”.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed German companies are petrified at the impact Brexit could have on their exporting power.

With Angela Merkel facing a nervy final few days before this weekend’s German election, concerns are growing about the UK’s EU exit.

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