Russia reveals fleet of ‘INVISIBLE’ supersonic stealth fighter jets as WW3 fears grow


The jet has another year of testing before units enter military service in 2019 [Getty]


RUSSIA has unveiled its first fleet of ‘invisible’ stealth fighter jets as the world teeters on the brink of World War Three.

The Sukhoi-57 will rival the American F-22 and Chinese Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31 combat planes, the Kremlin has boasted.

Military officials claim “cutting-edge” stealth technology will make the £120million jet near-invisible to enemy radars.

Russian air force chief Viktor Bondarev hailed the aircraft, which is expected to have a top speed of 1,615 mph, as a “wonderful machine”.

He said: “Every country probably wants planes such as this, and we have them.

“The decision has been taken, the plane has been christened. Su-57 is what we are going to call it now.”

The fifth-generation jet will carry K-77M missiles with a reported range of 125 miles, according to Newsweek.

Russia has previously claimed the jet will be cheaper to produce than its US equivalent, with units costing less than £120million.

Full article: Russia reveals fleet of ‘INVISIBLE’ supersonic stealth fighter jets as WW3 fears grow (Express)

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