China says it will respond to any US trade threat

Beijing: China has expressed “grave concern” at the Trump administration’s probe into whether China steals intellectual property and discriminates against US technology companies.

After Mr Trump signed a presidential order to start the probe, which could lead to sanctions, China’s commerce ministry hit back saying the United States “should not become a destroyer of the multilateral rules” of world trade.

Mr Trump has directed US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to examine if China’s trade policies discriminated or harmed US intellectual property and technology development.

US technology giants, among others, have long complained about Chinese policies requiring foreign companies to hand over intellectual property to Chinese joint venture partners.

The Chinese commerce ministry statement urged Mr Lighthizer to “act cautiously”/

“If the US side disregards the facts, disrespects the rules of multilateral trade, and takes action which damages economic and trade relations between the two sides, China will never sit back, and will take all appropriate measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of China,” the ministry said.

China’s foreign ministry on Monday said “a trade war will lead nowhere and neither side will win”.

Full article: China says it will respond to any US trade threat (Sydney Morning Herald)

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