Turkey is trying to get an ATOMIC BOMB in secret weapons plan, warns expert

An expert has warned Turkey is the next country looking to expand its arsenal [Getty]


TURKEY’S President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is attempting to get hold of an atomic bomb in a plot to build up the nation’s weapons, an expert has claimed.

With tensions threatening to reach breaking point between the US and North Korea it has emerged Turkey could be trying to build up its weaponry as relations with the EU reach a new low. 

In a worrying claim, an expert has warned Turkey is the next country looking to expand its arsenal to include atomic bombs.

Abdullah Bozkurt, a government-critical Turkish journalist, has dramatically revealed what he called ‘secret plans’ for Ankara to acquire the ultimate weapon.

Despite Turkey having the second largest-Nato army, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presiding over 40,000 soldiers, Mr Bozkurt said his ambitions were far greater.

He stated there were plans for Ankara to expand, and a “secret plan to acquire weapons of mass destruction – including an atomic bomb for deterrence.”

Influential advisors close to the President and a group of officials in the government’s inner circle are said to have discussed acquiring an A-bomb, Mr Bozkurt said.

He outlined recent meetings with Russia and Japan, signalling a move away from NATO.

Mr Bozkurt said the talks focussed on the construction of two nuclear power plants in Turkey, arousing his suspicions.

And his fears seem to be bolstered by Turkish expert Aykan Erdemir, of the US Thinktank Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Despite teething problems, he identified popular demand for the country to be nuclear armed.

He said: “Turkey lacks financial resources and personnel for such an expensive and high-tech project.

“The government-friendly media often exaggerates the strength of the military to increase morale in Turkey.”

And continuing the purge of the armed forces beginning after the putsch, Mr Erdogan has fired 160 of the 324 generals of the Turkish army in the past few months.

He has also culled thousands of soldiers from high ranking positions.

Mr Erdemir believes Mr Erdogan is rooting out any dissidents and anyone who would not back his nuclear dream.

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  1. Turkey and Pakistan are brothers
     Countries !!
    Pakistani has stated that,
    ‘If Turkey gets into a war and needs help Pakistan will help’ !!
    Pakistan has “guns”, …

    A simple question for elementary school children … you say Pakistan has not already put nuclear weapons in the ‘sister country’ Turkey … ????

    A serious war is also based on the surprise, in the field of combat,
     And if it has not been found from the outset a possible ‘surprise’, then with literal accuracy comes,
    Lament and absolute disaster !!!

    ** and at the level of ‘diplomacy and mystery’
    Turkey is doing well

    … while the Western world has been totally occupied by ‘charlatans’ in all areas …
    Question, do you say Turkey does not have,
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    *** the strange and not reasonable is,
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