Israel: EU is Actually Crazy


Netanyahu caught slamming EU on hot mic.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has called the EU “crazy”  and accused it of “undermining” itself because of how overly bureaucratic and political it has become.

Netanyahu was speaking in Hungary, one of the most Eurosceptic countries in the dissolving Union, and didn’t realise his microphone was still switched on.

He said: “We have a peculiar situation with Europe. It’s the only association of countries in the world that conditions relations with Israel on political conditions. We have a special relationship with China and they don’t care. The only ones conditioning their association with Israel are the EU.

“I think it’s crazy. I think it’s actually crazy. Help Europe. Don’t undermine the one Western country that defends European values and prevents another mass migration to Europe. Stop attacking Israel, start supporting Israel. Europe is undermining its progress.”

He’s not the only world leader to express concerns about the EU – Donald Trump called it “a vehicle for Germany” and said Britain was “better off” without Brussels.

Full article: Israel: EU is Actually Crazy (Westmonster)

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