EU country builds massive underground CITY to prepare for Russia invasion

Finnish authorities have tunnels under the capital

Finnish authorities have built tunnels under the capital city over Russia invasion fears [Getty]


AN UNDERGROUND city is being prepared for habitation incase Russia invades Europe during a military exercise.

Hundreds of miles of tunnels underneath Helsinki, Finland, have been painstakingly constructed in the case of an emergency.

Nine million cubic metres of passageways will fit all 600,000 residents of the capital should there be an invasion.

Russia is currently preparing to conduct its Zapad 2017 military exercise, the largest since the end of the cold war.

Russian troops, directed by Moscow, will carry out drills close to the Finnish borders and unease is spreading.

In Europe, Nato allies fear President Vladimir Putin’s true intentions leading to ”serious doubts Moscow is revealing the true extent of its military exercises”.

It has now been revealed Finnish soldiers are carrying out training to deal with a mass evacuation.

The City Planning Department has said parts of the network are highly classified, while other areas are for the people.

Neighbouring Estonia has already voiced major concerns over Putin’s practice close to their country.

Kristjan Prikk, undersecretary for defense policy at Estonia’s Ministry of Defence, said earlier this week: “We don’t consider this year’s Zapad exercise in itself to be a direct threat to us [NATO] or a cover for an attack, but we have to keep in mind that the Russians have the nasty habit of hiding their actual military endeavors behind exercises.”

Non-NATO Finland is taking no chances.

A former official in the Finnish Defense Ministry told the Wall Street Journal: “The soldiers make sure we will have the advantage underground if they ever come to us wanting a fight.”

Full article: EU country builds massive underground CITY to prepare for Russia invasion (Express)

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