New study: Soros donated over $1.4 million to Muslim Brotherhood from 2011 onwards

After exposing that George Soros’ ‘Open Society Foundation’ had donated $100.000 to a German Muslim Brotherhood front group, the organisation ‘Islamism Map’ now established that from 2011 onwards, Soros has donated over $1,4 million to Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organisations.

Below is a summary of Islamism Map’s findings.

One of the main Islamist beneficiaries is the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated ‘European Network Against Racism’ (ENAR), which received $1.121.428 from 2011 – 2015.

  • From 2011 – 2013, the foundation donated $592.759 in “core and institutional support”.
  • In 2014, the foundation donated $97,825 to their project “Forgotten women: Impact of Islamophobia on women”.
  • In 2015, the foundation donated $430,625 to their internship project, “Forgotten women: Impact of Islamophobia on women, part 2”, general support,  and the participation of ENAR representatives at the US Congressional Black Caucus annual meeting.

Other smaller donations were made to various Islamist action groups.

Well, there you have it, folks. George Soros actively aiding the enemies of Western civilisation. Just have a quick look at what the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘pope’, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, has to say about Europe:

“The conquest of Rome – the conquest of Italy, and Europe – means that Islam will return to Europe once again. Must this conquest necessarily be through war? No. There is such a thing as peaceful conquest. (…)

The peaceful conquest has foundations in this religion, and therefore, I expect that Islam will conquer Europe without resorting to the sword or fighting. It will do so by means of da’wa and ideology. (…)

The message of Islam is a message of global balance, and therefore, I believe the next conquest will be conducted through da’wa. But, of course, the Muslims must start acting in order to conquer this world.”

Full article: New study: Soros donated over $1.4 million to Muslim Brotherhood from 2011 onwards (The Old Continent)

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