Macron Tells Islamic Leaders they Need to Fight Fanaticism


Taking a leaf out of Le Pen’s book.

Despite repeated attempts to smear Marine Le Pen as an extremist during the Presidential election campaign, it seems Emmanual Macron is now in agreement with his rival and has called on Islamic leaders to do more to fight fanaticism. 

Speaking at a feast to celebrate the breaking of the fast, Macron told the French Council of the Muslim Faith: “It is up to you to fight on foot theological and religious ground, to unmask whenever necessary the usurpation of your values, the capture of the history of your religion, the denial of fifteen centuries of interpreted work by your scholars.”

He added that the laws of France must trump any religious laws, saying: “No one can ask a Frenchmen, in the name of this faith, to escape the laws of the Republic.”

Full article: Macron Tells Islamic Leaders they Need to Fight Fanaticism (Westmonster)

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