Greece made a “Sacrificial Lamb” by German-Dominated EU



EU’s currency policy causing huge damage.

Greece has been warned by the EU not to mention its money troubles at a leader’s summit next week, suggesting the country is set to suffer more austerity while EU bosses try to ignore the problem. Greece’s Economic Minister has hit back, claiming that the country is being made a “sacrificial  lamb”.

Germany appears to be the hardliners behind the stance, saying that Greece’s finances have to be dealt with by Eurogroup, a meeting of each countries Finance Ministers, but Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, believes a solution is needed higher up.

A government official warned that if German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, does not budge from his positions to make way for a final agreement, then “there are others in higher positions than him that can give a solution.”

“If there is no positive move, in the next few days or during the Eurogroup, from the German Minister, then it looks like Angela Merkel will be forced to hold the hot potato,” a government official told the Athens News Agency.

Greek Economy Minister, Dimitri Papadimitriou, accused Schaeuble of being dishonest, saying: “Even Wolfgang Schäuble said that we met the requirements (to receive new loans), but then he changed his mind.

“Greece is being made a sacrificial lamb,” he added.

Full article: Greece made a “Sacrificial Lamb” by German-Dominated EU (Westmonster)

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