EU SUPERSTATE: Brussels ‘to force EVERY member state to adopt euro by 2025’


The EU wants every member state to adopt the Euro by 2025, reports claim [GETTY]


BRUSSELS officials want every European Union country to be using the euro by 2025, a bombshell new report has claimed.

Nine of the 28 member state in the EU are currently not part of the single currency.

The UK and Denmark are exempt, but the remaining seven nations all agreed to adopt the euro when they joined the bloc.

And now the European Commission has now demanded they them all start using the crisis-hit currency within eight years, according to insiders.

The move, revealed by German publication Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, who obtained a leaked copy of a Comission report, is likely to be fiercely opposed by Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic’s eurosceptic governments.

Just last week, Polish finance minister Mateusz Morawiecki said it was “not in Poland’s interest” to join the eurozone. Warsaw is worried about losing its financial autonomy.

The eurozone push could also cause controversy in Sweden, which held a non-binding referendum on whether to adopt the euro in 2003.

Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria, the EU’s newest member states, have yet to meet the economic criteria to start using the currency.

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