Pacific Command chief exhorts Russia and China to bring Kim Jong Un ‘to his senses’

U.S. Pacific Command chief Adm. Harry Harris answers questions during a speech at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Tokyo on Wednesday. | AP


The head of the U.S. military’s Pacific Command on Wednesday urged Russia and China to step up efforts in reining in North Korea and persuade the reclusive state to halt its nuclear weapons program and related provocations.

“The dangerous behavior by North Korea is not just a threat to the Korean Peninsula,” Adm. Harry Harris said at an event in Tokyo, referring to Pyongyang’s latest test launch of a new ballistic missile on Sunday.

“It’s a threat to Japan. It’s a threat to China. It’s a threat to Russia. Let me say that again, it’s a threat to Russia,” Harris said.

The commander included Russia in a list of “responsible” contributors to international security, which must work together to “bring (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un to his senses, not to his knees.”

Harris said during meetings Tuesday in Tokyo with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Defense Minister Tomomi Inada that North Korea’s acts, such as a series of ballistic missile and nuclear tests, were unacceptable.

Harris declined to say whether the U.S. military has sent ships or aircraft within what China claims to be its territory near disputed islands in the South China Sea since President Donald Trump took office in January.

But Harris signaled the U.S. military could continue with freedom of navigation operations in the waters.

Full article: Pacific Command chief exhorts Russia and China to bring Kim Jong Un ‘to his senses’ (The Japan Times)

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