EU prepares to unleash ‘NUCLEAR OPTION’ on Hungary: Brussels loses patience with Orban

EU Hungary

The EU is considering removing Hungary’s voting rights [GETTY]


THE EUROPEAN UNION is considering the extraordinary step of stripping Hungary of its voting rights in Brussels following a “serious deterioration” in the country’s stance with the bloc.

MEPs last night voted heavily in favour of taking sanctions against the state for a “serious and persistent” breach in EU values including accepting migration quotas.

These sanctions could involve reducing voting rights for EU diplomats, known around Brussels as the “nuclear option”. 

MEPs have become increasingly frustrated at Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his lack of respect for institutions, such as free movement.

The hot-headed leader has also infuriated Eurocrats by launching a huge survey in his country aimed at stopping creeping EU influence entitled ‘Let’s Stop Brussels!’

Now MEPs appear to have lost patience with Hungary and have voted to start taking action against the rogue state.

Last night a resolution calling for proceedings to start against Hungary was passed by 393 votes to 221.

While reducing voting rights is unlikely, the bloc has nonetheless blasted Hungary as being in “serious and persistent breach” of its ethics including.

It comes as the EU scrambles to restore faith in the EU amid growing euroscepticism across the bloc.

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