U.S. Needs Larger Fleet to Counter Russia, China – Navy Chief

Source: navy.com


The US needs a bigger fleet in order to counteer [sic] Russia, China in the era of maritime competition, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson told reporters at a Singapore naval base used by the US.

“We are getting back into, after decades really, an era of maritime competition,” Richardson said. “Some of these global powers, China, Russia, they’ve been growing, China in particular. They’re maturing in every dimension of power (and) at some point you turn to the sea to expand and continue to prosper.”

He argued that US Navy must catch up its competitors massively investing in maritime prowess.

US President Donald Trump had announced a massive rearmament program for the US Navy. The US feel will be reportedly expanded to 350 warships from about 272 now.

Full article: U.S. Needs Larger Fleet to Counter Russia, China – Navy Chief (SouthFront)

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