EU army next? Brussels in a unique position to provide WORLDWIDE security – chief claims

EU could provide world-wide security, Federica Mogherini claimed [GETTY / PH]


THE European Union is in a unique position to provide global security, the Commission’s vice-president has claimed.

Federica Mogherini, who is also the EU’s foreign affairs chief, said Brussels had both the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ power needed to accomplish the task.

Speaking at the Lennard Meri Conference, Estonia, she said: “There is a European way to security that is never purely and only military. 

“You take any crisis or security threat in the world of today, and you realise that the hard power, the military means are always necessary but never enough.

“The European Union has this unique mix of hard power that needs to be increased because it’s not enough, what we have now, but we have at the same time the soft power.

“And this unique mix if we manage to increase our hard power, position ourselves in a place that can be very helpful for our partners in the world to tackle some security issues.”

“So I think that the work we have ahead of us is huge but we have, if we are self-confident and we take the political courage to use the potential we have, we could be indeed the security provider for European regions, and more largely the world, needs in partnership.”

The EU foreign affairs chief also took aim at Brexit as she accused Theresa May of being “slow” after taking “more than nine months” to begin the formal negotiation period.

Ms Mogherini said: “We underestimate the power we have, and underestimating or downplaying it we hurt ourselves. I think the main challenge Europeans have, when it comes to their role in the world, is a lack of self-confidence.

“You ask me if it is still possible to have a foreign policy without the UK? Sure, I think the UK will face many more problems than us after the Brexit.

“The very same fact that it has taken them more than nine months to start negotiations after the results of the referendum tells you it is much more complicated than they calculated.”

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