Images emerge of possible new Chinese anti-ship weapon

An image of what appears to be a brochure marketing the ‘ground-effect unmanned aerial vehicle’ appeared on Chinese online forums in early May. (


China may be developing a new anti-ship weapon that combines technologies derived from developments in cruise missiles and ground-effect vehicles (GEVs).

An image of a brochure marketing the weapon, the latter of which is shown painted in blue Chinese navy camouflage, appeared on Chinese online forums in early May.

The brochure indicates that the weapon, referred to in the document as the ‘ground-effect unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV]’, carries a ‘CH’ designation, which is usually associated with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Cai Hong (Rainbow) family of UAVs.

The document says that the weapon could be used to target large surface targets at sea, possibly via long-range, high-speed torpedo attacks.

The weapon system features “a heavy payload, strong strike capabilities, good stealth characteristics, and is highly survivable”, according to the brochure.

Full article: Images emerge of possible new Chinese anti-ship weapon (IHS Jane’s 360)

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