Marine Le Pen Slams Macron: “France Will Be Governed By A Woman… Either Me Or Madame Merkel”


The gloves came off in the final debate before the May 7 French presidential election.

It was a big mud-slinging affair, mostly by Le Pen, if one believes the mainstream media comments.

France24 had live coverage of the Acrimonious Final Debate translated into English.

France will be Governed by a Woman

The following France24 comments are in reverse order (last in, first out)

Le Pen also says the French deserve better than being thrown into a war based on chasing profits.

“That’s the France you want,” she tells Macron, accusing him of being a candidate representing the closure of factories, maternity wards, police stations, hospitals and says he’s ready to open France’s doors to “massive immigration”.

Le Pen charges Macron with being under German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s thumb. “In any case, France will be led by a woman: Either me or Mrs. Merkel,” Le Pen says.

“What a ridiculous phrase!” Macron retorts.

Macron is challenging Le Pen on whether she actually proposes France to leave the euro or not

“The euro is the currency of the bankers. It is not the currency of the people,” Le Pen says.

The election will probably be closer than most think, but France does not yet seem ready for Le Pen. Six years from now may be another story.

Full article: Marine Le Pen Slams Macron: “France Will Be Governed By A Woman… Either Me Or Madame Merkel” (ZeroHedge)

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