Abe declares 2020 as goal for new Constitution

Due in part to America’s decline over the last eight years under the Obama administration, like a lot of the major powers in the world, Japan is beginning to realize it cannot 100% depend on the U.S. as a reliable partner. Policy changes with almost every new president make it difficult to find stability. It has now decided to scrap its current constitution and do away with the pacifism that keeps it from efficiently defending itself.

This is also the beginning of an Asian hegemonic bloc. Japan will eventually gravitate and align towards China, as the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are currently doing.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addresses the annual rally on revising the Constitution organized by conservative lawmakers in Tokyo on Monday. | AP


In an unprecedented declaration, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday he hopes to see a revised Constitution take effect in 2020, when the nation will host the Tokyo Olympics.

Abe’s statement came as Japan marked the 70th anniversary of the enactment of its pacifist Constitution, which conservative forces see as a humiliating remnant of Japan’s postwar subordination to the U.S.

“2020 is the year when a new Japan will kick off, and I want the year to see the new Constitution come into force,” he said in a video message shown at an event in Tokyo’s Nagatacho, the political heart of Japan.

Full article: Abe declares 2020 as goal for new Constitution (The Japan Times)

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