Untapped Global Trade Potential for UK



A world of opportunity!

New work from Open Britain highlights the irrelevance of an obsessively Eurocentric trade policy as it points to foreign markets that the UK has thus far failed to exploit.

It highlights non-EU nations like China, India, Canada, Pakistan and Israel, emphasising their economic growth and their demand for British produce.

But the current state of affairs – imposed by continued membership of the dysfunctional European customs union – means that a potential £41bn of trade will remain untapped by 2030 unless Brexit Britain seizes the opportunity and changes trade policy quickly.

The report should be a wake-up call to Westminster politicians who have flirted with the idea of keeping Britain trapped in the customs union while leaving the EU in a relationship that would be akin to that of Erdogan’s Turkey.

Full article: Untapped Global Trade Potential for UK (Westmonster)

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