Gertz: Trump Set Back Years of Chinese Efforts to Achieve Hegemony in Asia


Washington Free Beacon senior editor Bill Gertz described President Donald Trump on Wednesday as “unpredictable” and argued that he set back years of Chinese efforts to dominate Asia.

“Trump has set back eight years of Chinese efforts to achieve hegemony over all of Asia basically,” Gertz told Newsmax host Bill Tucker during a discussion on North Korea.

Tucker asked during his show “America Talks Live” whether China was merely “posturing” when it issued threats in response to enhanced U.S. military presence in the region.

Gertz said China’s threats were “posturing for the most part,” before arguing that Trump’s unpredictability made him their greatest fear.

“Trump has really caught them off guard and put them off balance. He is unpredictable and for the Chinese, that is what they fear most: anyone that’s unpredictable.”

Trump’s decision to strike Syria while Chinese President Xi Jinping met with him in the United States, Gertz said, was one of Trump’s “master strokes.”

“It was clearly a signal,” Gertz said of the timing.

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