EU Offensive against Le Pen

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Establishment go on the attack.

The European Union is set to launch a political attack on France’s Marine Le Pen with timing clearly intended to damage her changes to seize the French presidency in a little under two weeks.

It comes after Le Pen took over seven and a half million vote during last weekend’s first round ballot for the highest office in France, with Eurocrats terrified of a victory that could lead to French exit from the hated single currency and possibly full exit from the EU itself.

The Parliament has sought to lift her immunity over a French defamation case, and lifted it last month over social media posts that exposed the full horrors of Islamic State barbarism overseas.

The EU has taken the unprecedented step of formally backing Emmanuel Macron such is their opposition to Marine Le Pen.

As polls continue to show Le Pen stronger than many would like in the decisive second round, expect more dirty tricks from the disconnected Brussels establishment in the weeks to come.

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