Iranian ‘attack craft’ approaches US Navy destroyer in Persian Gulf

The USS Mahan destroyer, seen in September 2002 (Public Domain/Photographer’s Mate Airman Rex Nelson, US Navy/Wikipedia)


An Iranian “fast attack craft” approached a US Navy destroyer Monday in the Persian Golf [sic], prompting the American vessel to change course and fire warning flares.

While the foreign vessel did not come any closer than 1,000 meters, it was close enough for the USS Mahan to sound its danger signal and ready its weapons, as it shifted course to avoid the Iranian ship, Fox News reported late Tuesday.

In January, the same US vessel fired three warning shots at a group of Iranian ships that approached it at high speed in the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran has previously threatened to close off the strait over tensions with the US, a move that would lead to turmoil in global oil markets.

Full article: Iranian ‘attack craft’ approaches US Navy destroyer in Persian Gulf (The Times of Israel)

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