Russia sends aircrafts to SPY on Canadian military bases as relations deteriorate

Russia Canada spy plane military

The nuclear-capable planes were identified 700 nautical miles southwest of Anchorage [Getty]


RUSSIA is sending aircrafts to spy on Canadian military facilities as relations between Moscow and the West continue to deteriorate.

The unarmed planes conducted a five-day aerial surveillance mission across Canada, ending on Saturday.

Their instructions include taking photos and documenting the country’s military institutions and Canadian Forces bases.

The mission is being carried out under the Treaty on Open Skies, signed by Russia, Canada and 32 other countries in 1992, which allows each members to inspect others’ military capabilities and activities to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust. 

Canadian National Defence spokesman, Patricia Brunelle, confirmed the country’s military will escort their Russian guests on the mission, ensuring they stick to the agreed route.

And Canadian personnel will be on board the Russian aircraft, ensuring everything is done by the book, she added.

Ms Brunelle said they would “monitor imaging equipment, ensure adherence to the agreed flight route and profile, and provide oversight, guidance and assistance”.

Under the treaty, the Russians do not need to ask permission to conduct their surveillance mission, while signatory nations are bound to allow them entry.

National Defence refused to disclose exactly which bases or military buildings the Russians would be surveying, citing security reasons.

Full article: Russia sends aircrafts to SPY on Canadian military bases as relations deteriorate (Express)

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