China ‘SCRAMBLES 25,000 extra troops to North Korea’ & puts country on ‘NATIONWIDE ALERT’

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China has reportedly set 25,000 troops along the North Korean border [Reuters/Getty]


CHINA has scrambled another 25,000 troops to be militarised along the North Korean border as the country is put on ‘nationwide alert’ amid heightened tensions between the hermit state and the West, according to reports.

All five regions military regions from China have been ordered by Beijing to maintain readiness for the possibility of conflict along their border with Kim Jong-un’s kingdom, according to UPI.

China’s armoured and mechanised infantry brigades in the Shandong, Zhejiang and Yunnan provinces have been given the go-ahead.

The troops being deployed from China to the Korean peninsula are from the 47th group army of the Ninth Armoured Brigade, the Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

China has already sent 150,000 troops to the North Korean border on Sunday, Taiwan’s China Post has claimed.

USS Carl Vinson’s strike group has been deployed to the Korean peninsula in a show of force towards Pyongyang after the hermit nation has carried out a series of provocative missile launches and nuclear tests.

Full article: China ‘SCRAMBLES 25,000 extra troops to North Korea’ & puts country on ‘NATIONWIDE ALERT’ (Express)

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