No Post Delivery in Stockholm, too Dangerous

Roland Magnusson /


In yet another sign of the deep disintegration within Swedish society, mailing company PostNord are refusing to deliver post in parts of a suburb because it is now regarded as too dangerous.

The company is refusing to deliver in certain areas of Hjulsta, just down the road from the notorious Rinkeby migrant ghetto, because they consider it too risky. Around 120 households will be affected.

Those living in the area will have to pick up mail from Rinkeby, but pick-up there has a curfew set as between the hours of 07:00 – 10:00.

Whilst the likes of PostNord can refuse to visit certain areas, those living in places like Hjulsta have to deal with the reality of danger every single day. What a mess.

Full article: No Post Delivery in Stockholm, too Dangerous (Westmonster)

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