Trump to send FINAL WARNING to Kim Jong-un and could move NUCLEAR WEAPONS to South Korea

Donald Trump

Donald Trump can send a message to North Korea, a US security official said [GETTY]


DONALD Trump will send a final warning to pot-bellied despot Kim Jong-un and install nuclear weapons in South Korea, according to a US intelligence source.

The top official said the US weapons would be moved to the country as a warning to Pyongyang, following increase saber-rattling within Pyongyang since was elected.

The security source said America had run out of other options for dealing with the blood-thirsty Kim dynasty.He said: “We have 20 years of diplomacy and sanctions under our belt that has failed to stop the North Korean program.”

He said: “I’m not advocating pre-emptive war, nor do I think that the deployment of nuclear weapons buys more for us than it costs.”

However, he said, America is now dealing with a “war today” scenario with which must be addressed.


…The option was revealed just days after a retired US military chief said Mr Trump could launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea.

General Jack Keane said: “We’re rapidly and dangerously heading towards the reality that the military option is the only one left when it comes to getting North Korea to denuclearise and not weaponised ICBMs.

“But the Trump administration cannot accept a nuclear launch.”

“We cannot rely on our missile-defence system to defeat it and expose the American people to a nuclear attack.”

“Therefore if an ICBM attack was imminent the President would have to conduct a preemptive strike.”

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