The Truth About President Trump’s Syrian Missile Strike

The Truth About President Trump’s Syrian Missile Strike

FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airfield, at his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., April 6, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo


The following is an editorial from TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles

Are you curious whats behind President Trump’s surprise decision to launch missiles at Syria on Thursday?   

(VERO BEACH, FLA) President Donald Trump bombed Syria last night. John McCain went to bed last night with a big smile on his face. Little Lindsay Graham was singing Happy Days Are Here Again.

Marco Rubio is having nightmares that Syrian President Assad will gas American troops just like he gassed those Syrian children.

The news media is boasting that President Trump is now acting tough like Hillary Clinton.

Nobody’s talking today about Donald Trump being a Russian stooge. Chief of Staff Reince Preibus may be the next White House official to get booted out.

And the President got his Supreme Court nominee approved by the Senate while everybody was talking about Syria.  My, my, how things can change in less than 24 hours.

Did the Deep State blackmail President Trump? Did Jared Kushner orchestrate an internal coup for the Goldman Sachs banksters? Or did President Trump carry out a David Copperfield-like magical illusion that fooled his critics? Let’s start with the facts as we know them today:

  • Human rights activists claim 70 people were killed Tuesday morning in a Syrian town when a poisonous gas was released during a bombing raid by the Syrian air force.
  • Western governments and news media outlets immediately accused Syrian President Assad of gassing innocent people including children.
  • Syria denied that it used chemical weapons. Syria also said their pilots bombed weapons depots of ISIS jihadists and that the gas may have been stored in one of the bombed buildings.
  • From London to Washington, politicians accused Bashar Assad of being a war criminal, and that the West had to retaliate to teach him a lesson.
  • President Trump ordered the Pentagon to bomb a Syrian air force base last night.  US warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield.
  • John McCain, Marco Rubio and many other critics of President Trump hailed the military action as a sign of decisive leadership. President Trump was applauded for doing what Barack Obama was reluctant to do in Syria.
  • US officials notified the Russians ahead of the military strike.

  • Vice President Mike Pence thanked Israeli politicians for the Jewish country’s strong support of President Trump’s bombing of Syria.
  • Russian warship Admiral Grigorevich, a cruise missile carrying frigate, turned around in the Black Sea and headed back to Syria.
  • Hillary Clinton says she hopes President Trump rethinks his ban on Syrian refugees.
  • Sen. John McCain said last night’s bombing of Syria should only be President Trump’s first action to take down President Assad.

I believe there are three possible explanations for why President Trump would decide to attack Syria and potentially start a war with Russia:

  1. President Trump was blackmailed by Deep State and decided to join them.
  2. President Trump rolled the dice by pretending to be “one of them” just long enough to get them off his back and change the daily news narratives, putting a big smile on John McCain’s face.
  3. President Trump secretly worked out a plan with Putin. Assad is to be replaced. Syria is to be carved up into regions. Trump-Putin share Nobel Peace Prize for settling Israel-Palestinian feud. Everybody goes back to making money.

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