Marine Le Pen SURGES to record 47 PER CENT weeks out from French election – poll

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen is expected to make it through the first round of voting [GETTY]


MARINE Le Pen surge has continued as she reached a record high of 47 per cent in the polls – just weeks away from the French presidential election.

The Front National leader rose from her previous high of 45 per cent to 47 per cent in a head-to-head second round battle against conservative candidate Francois Fillon, according to a Ifop poll.

Fillon’s lead against Le Pen dropped to 53 per cent as the gap closes between the two candidates.

Although Emmanuel Macron is tipped to make it past the first round of voting to take on Le Pen. The latest poll found Fillon was just four points behind the centrist candidate in the first round in an Opinion Way poll.

Another Opinion Way poll found Le Pen will win the first round of the French presidential voting with 26 per cent. Macron is currently polling at 24 per cent, with Fillon in third with 20 per cent.

An Ifop poll also found Le Pen was at an all time record high against Macron in the second round at 40.5 per cent.

Young voters are turning to Le Pen as disillusionment with mainstream politics continues to spread throughout the western world.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight host Evan Davis in France, Cedric said: “I think I will vote Front National just to try it out.”

“We’ve tried different parities and they’ve all failed. So why not try her, even if her ideas are a little extreme.”

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