Russia 24 hours away from WAR: Lithuania says Putin could mobilise army in just ONE DAY

And it was warned of by one of Putin’s henchmen that, if they go to war, they have the capability to carpet bomb as far as Poland within thirty minutes… before NATO even knows what happened and is able to put a single plane in the air:

“We have to strike Poland and the Baltic States, where there are NATO rockets and aircraft. Since we cannot allow one plane to take off and strike Russia – we will have to strike first – half an hour before takeoff. And to be sure, we will be carpet bombing.  America is not a threat, but the small midget states of Europe will cease to exist. They will be wiped out. Then NATO will have to beg us for negotiations. Otherwise we will give them again a May ’45.”

– Vladimir Zhirinovsky, August 2014 (Television interview, 8.08.2014.)

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Note: The video interview is no longer available. If someone has an updated link to it, it will be gladly posted here.


NATO forces have already been deployed in Poland

NATO forces have already been deployed in Poland [EPA]

RUSSIA could launch an attack on the Baltic states within as little as 24 hours, Lithuania has warned.

Lithuanian intelligence services say Moscow’s speed could leave Nato with no option other than to have military forces deployed in the region ready for action.

With upgrading its military in the Kalingrad region, intelligence suggests reinforcements could potentially be prevented if there was an attack. 

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been increasingly nervous since the Russian takeover of Crimea in 2014.

According to the Lithuanian intelligence service’s annual threat assessment Russia’s strength could reduce lead times for any attack.The Russian upgrade included Su-30 fighter aircraft and missile systems allowing ships to be targeted almost anywhere in the Baltic Sea.

Lithuanian Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis said: “This is a signal to Nato to improve its decision speed.”

“Nato’s reaction time is not as fast as we would like it to be.”

Mr Karoblis said: “The force is adequate in the short-term, but in the medium-term perspective we would like more capability, and not only land troops but also air defences and capabilities to counter any blockade.”

The intelligence report said Russia is monitoring and suppressing radio frequencies used by NATO pilots over the Baltic Sea.

Russia is also using commercial and scientific ships for surveillance, the report said.

Full article: Russia 24 hours away from WAR: Lithuania says Putin could mobilise army in just ONE DAY (Express)

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