EU to give Turkey MORE MONEY: Tusk in desperate bid to keep illegal migrant routes CLOSED

Yazidis refugees carry their belongings in Turkey

Turkey has taken in millions of refugees from Syria and Iraq [Getty]


EMERGENCY funding has been raked together by the European Union over fears the deal with Turkey could fail – and millions of migrants surge through to Europe.

The multi-billions euro one-for-one migrant deal between Brussels and Ankara is teetering on the edge of destruction as politicians on both sides continue to feud.

Turkey, which borders Syria, is currently home to 3m migrants – which president Recept [sic] Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to release to the continent.

European Council President Donald Tusk insisted on Tuesday he is determined to stick to the deal.

But, he revealed contingency plans are now being arranged.

Mr Tusk said: “We are determined to keep routes of illegal migration in this region closed.

“We remain committed to the full implementation of the EU-Turkey statement.

“The EU is honouring its commitments, just like we expect Turkey to continue keeping its part of the deal.”

Donald Tusk said the bloc is taking seriously a risk that it may fail.

He said: “Should further difficulties arise on Bulgaria’s borders, the EU has already planned emergency funding, and stands ready to react quickly in support of Bulgaria.”

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