EU Will Force Countries to take Migrants

Veselin Borishev /


Brussels bully boys continue with the threats.

In a sinister turn, the EU’s unelected Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos has warned that countries will be forced to take more migrants and refugees.

He was speaking in Poland, whose elected government have refused to take EU migrant quotas, arguing that most of those coming are doing so for economic reasons and are not legitimate refugees.

Adopting the EU’s increasingly sinister tone, Avramopoulos said that they possessed the “tools, the means and the power” to force countries like Poland to take migrant quotas against their will.

This follows threats from another EU Commissioner, Vera Jourova, that Poland could be stripped of funding if the government don’t do as they are instructed.

Full article: EU Will Force Countries to take Migrants (Westmonster)

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