READY FOR WAR: China deploys missiles capable of ANNIHILATING US military bases

Tensions between Taiwan and China are on the rise [Getty]


CHINA has deployed a range of highly accurate ballistic missiles capable of launching precise strikes against US military bases amid increasing tensions in the region.

The bases in Okinawa, Taiwan, are within range of the missiles, as relations between the two super-powers continue to decline.

In January, China revealed war with the US is now a “practical reality” as military officials prepare to “retaliate decisively” to any of Donald Trump’s new policies they consider to be a threat.

Taiwan’s defence minister has confirmed the deployment of the DF-16 missiles, which are capable of striking precise locations more than 1,000km away.

On Monday, Feng Shih-kuan told lawmakers the development comes as China “strengthens its weaponry modernisation and military hard power”.

He refused to say how many missiles had been deployed or where they are located, but confirmed he was confident that Taiwan’s Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) anti-missile system would provide an adequate defence.

He added: “We are confident in our surveillance to detect any unfriendly action towards us.”

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