Vladimir Putin’s growing navy ‘could leave Europe PARALYSED from devastating sea attacks’

Vladimir attending a military ceremony in Kaliningrad in 2015 [Getty]


With a stronger navy Vladimir Putin could launch new undersea attacks capable of “paralysing” Europe, the chiefs claim in a report which will be published later today.

Kremlin officials have revealed the Russian navy has been upgrading their fleet with the latest military equipment with reports claiming new submarines are on the way.

“Soviet-style operations” have also reappeared, the Royal United Services Institute’s paper “Nato and the North Atlantic: Revitalising Collective Defence” has warned.

Featuring chapters by two former Nato commanders, Admiral James Stavridis and General Philip Breedlove the report urges the West to deny Russia’s access to the North Atlantic, according to DefenseNews.com.

The paper reads: “If Nato does not have effective control of the North Atlantic, or at least the ability to deny Russia naval access to this maritime domain, Russia could block or disrupt US reinforcement to Europe.”

It said: “Deniable undersea attacks on ocean-bed telecommunications cables or shore terminals would threaten global information flows and financial networks.”

The report also claims oil platforms in the North Sea could become the targets of bomb attacks by Russia.

The report comes after Dr Andrew Foxall, director of the Russia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society, warned the Kremlin had gained valuable information about the UK defence plans against Russia’ submarines.

Full article: Vladimir Putin’s growing navy ‘could leave Europe PARALYSED from devastating sea attacks’ (Express)

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