France’s Holande Pushing for EU Army



They’ve wanted this for a long time now.

In an interview with The Guardian and other European newspapers, French President Francois Hollande has apparently made it clear that an integrated European defence policy and project is now on the horizon.

Hollande and other European leaders are predictably using President Trump has a bogeyman by which they can seek to justify putting together an EU Army as they have long-desired.

The problem for Europe is that when you look at the total disaster of the EU’s single currency or the EU approach to the migrant crisis, you see just how inept and dysfunctional the organisation’s approach is.

To give such people access to a combined military force is hugely dangerous. As the EU struggles to remain relevant, not only will they rally against Trump, but no doubt Putin’s Russia as well.

Full article: France’s Holande Pushing for EU Army (Westmonster)

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