Iranian Navy Arms Itself with ‘Smart’ Torpedoes


In late February, the Iranian Navy held the Velayat 95 naval exercises, during which the new Valfajr ‘smart’ torpedoes were tested, the Tehran Times newspaper reported.

During the drills, a submarine of the Ghadir class launched the Valfajr torpedo on a surface target – an old vessel, turned into a target for new anti-ship ammunition. According to representative of the Iranian Navy, the torpedo’s launch was successful, and the target was destroyed.

It is become known about the Valfajr torpedo in 2011. At that time, it was mentioned as a promising development of Iranian designers. In 2015, a mass production of the torpedo was started. Its operational and physical characteristics are still classified.

It is known from open sources that the torpedo has a relatively high speed, a ‘smart’ guidance system and a warhead, weighing 220 kilograms.

Full article: Iranian Navy Arms Itself with ‘Smart’ Torpedoes (South Front)

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