EU Makes Powergrab for British Fishing Waters



The European Union is set to put pressure on the government to ensure continued access to British fishing waters for European vessels despite the mad Common Fisheries Policy being one of the major concerns of Brexiteers across the country.

Leaving the EU could allow Britain to create an expansive Exclusive Economic Zone akin to that enjoyed by Norway, creating thousands of jobs by boosting Britain’s proud fishing industry. It would mark a huge revival for so many coastal communities that have been destroyed by the EU’s madness on fisheries.

But now Brussels politicians warn that British seafood producers could be barred from enjoying free access to European markets without Britain’s sea resources being gifted to European fishermen. Between 2012 and 2014, an outrageous 58% of fish and shellfish landed from UK waters was caught by European vessels.

Full article: EU Makes Powergrab for British Fishing Waters (Westmonster)

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