Another 20 Million Could Come to Europe



The President of the European Parliament has warned that Europe faces an inflow of up to 20 million African migrants in the coming years.

Antonio Tajani, the Italian MEP who followed hated German socialist Martin Schulz as President of the Parliament, has warned that the unsustainable demographic movements will continue unless Europe commits to a huge spending spree in Africa to halt the tide. He compared the package to the aid given to Europe by the United States following the Second World War

Speaking to German media, Tajani said that: “Either we act now or 20 million Africans are going to come to Europe in the coming years” and called for the EU to build migrant camps in Libya to process so-called refugees in a more rational fashion – a policy supported by ex-Prime Minister David Cameron at the height of the migration crisis.

Full article: Another 20 Million Could Come to Europe (Westmonster)

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