EU Establishes Military Wing

German led, German dominated… and it’s now about to get its first taste of real military training throughout Africa.




Here comes the European Union Army.

The EU’s Soviet sounding – the name doesn’t give away its real purpose – Military Planning and Conduct Capabailities (MPCC) unit has just been set up for training missions in Somalia, Mali, the Central African Republic, some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones.

The unit was created in rapid time, having only been sanctioned at discreet EU Council meeting in December.

On condition of anonymity, several EU officials point to Germany, France and Italy’s desire for greater military integrations under EU control – under the EU treaty some Member States can push for EU military integration even if others are against it.

Rather than think sense and follow the US president’s advice and stick to the historic military alliance’s proven capability, these countries along with many other want the EU to replace NATO.

The MPCC’s headquarters have already been set up in Brussels, as a wing of the EU’s pointless diplomatic branch. For the time being the EU says it will be used as “the source of military” by which it means planning and conducting missions.

A diplomat from a pro-integration EU country said, “it’s a good first step” toward a fully-fledged EU military.

Full article: EU Establishes Military Wing (WestMonster)

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