North Korea ‘hiding FULL NUCLEAR POWER and could have weapons orbiting the US’

As Global Geopolitics has maintained, North Korea likely has one or two EMP bombs ready to fall out of the sky onto the U.S. mainland, on command. As most don’t remember, because they were busy watching the 2016 Super Bowl, the North launched a ‘weather satellite’ over the continental United States after the game. It has also been said here that if the next world war was going to start, it would be started by North Korea.


NORTH Korea is far more advanced, dangerous and could already have weapons orbiting the US, warn two experts.

In a joint article, James Woolsey, a former CIA chief, and Peter Vincent Pry the executive director of the EMP Task Force have declared: “History suggests North Korea already has nuclear-missile warheads and a sophisticated array of nuclear weapons.”

The harrowing article isn’t the first the two have co-written. They previously referred to Kim Jong-Un as “a paranoid psychopath” and claimed the public was being “mis-led by the Obama White House” as “North Korea probably already has nuclear armed missiles”.

It is not only a nuclear blast that the public should be worried about but a sophisticated EMP black out.

Pry said: “An EMP that blacks out the national electric grid would be a far greater catastrophe than blasting a city. A North Korean 10-kiloton warhead blasting a city might cause about 200,000 casualties.

“There are two North Korean satellites orbiting over the United States on trajectories consistent with a surprise EMP attack — perhaps an idea borrowed from the Russians.”

He said: “The US should immediately harden its national electric grid to deter and defeat a nuclear EMP attack. Further, it should quickly redeploy Aegis guided missile cruisers to America’s most vulnerable regions.”

They reacted to comments that the relatively low seismic signals provided by North Korean missile tests represent an inability to field a super weapon.

Woolsey said: “North Korea could conduct decoupled tests to hide their true yield. Decoupling entails detonating a device in a cavity to dampen the signal by as much as 10-fold. A 100 kiloton test could look like 10 kilotons.”

“Low-yield tests may indicate more-advanced nuclear technology. High-yield testing is usually done for political reasons and to study nuclear-weapon effects. Low-yield testing is scarier because it is usually done to verify design principles for a more advanced generation of nuclear weapons.”

Full article: North Korea ‘hiding FULL NUCLEAR POWER and could have weapons orbiting the US’ (Express)

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