Gemrany: Mob of 100 Africans Threatens Police


Up to a hundred black Africans threatened and insulted three police officers in Hamburg’s notorious St. Georg district this week. According to the newspaper Die Welt, there were “tumultuous scenes” after the police had arrested a young man from Somalia. The man had refused to leave a betting agency from which he had been barred. Instead, he aggressively threatened the staff. “Even before the arrival of the police, the 18-year-old threatened the two employees with cutting their throats and emphasised this with a gesture“, said police spokesman Ulf Wundrack.

Subsequently, a mob of a hundred Africans then showed up and turned against the police. It was only after backup arrived that the situation was brought under control. The officers were faced with calls to “piss off“. Others yelled: “Here is not America“. This slogan was heard and seen in Hamburg for the first time two weeks ago, when scores of Africans protested against alleged “racist police violence“, carrying a banner which read (in English): “Here is not America. Stop shooting us. Black lives matter.

A journalist and local politician from the radical Left Party, Martin Dolzer, then started an incitement campaign against the police, calling the officer’s act of self-defense an “attempted execution motivated by racism“. Dolzer now faces libel charges and was even criticised within his own party.

The Ghanaian knifer was identified as a member of the so-called “Lampedusa refugees, a group of Sub-Saharan Africans travelling from the Libyan coast to the Italian island Lampedusa by boat in 2013, they were granted asylum in Italy. However, they decided to illegally proceed to Germany. Since then, about 200 or 300 “Lampedusa refugees” in Hamburg have tried over and over again to blackmail the authorities to grant collective asylum to the whole group. They refuse to partake the due procedure or even to give their IDs. Instead, they and their supporters from the radical left have staged frequent street protests which sometimes turn violent, illegally erected a permanent tent in St.Georg and even briefly occupied the headquarter of Hamburg’s Social-Democratic Party (SPD).

A former area of entertainment with hotels, theatres and music halls, Hamburg’s St. Georg district near the central station now is heavily Islamic. It hosts numerous mosques, one of which was the al-Quds Mosque where some of the 9/11 terrorists used to meet (it was closed by the authorities in 2010). Plus, it has turned into a hotbed of drug trafficking, prostitution and other crime. St. Georg is “reigned by fear”, writes the Hamburger Abendblatt. Last year, no less than 6,780 suspects of crimes (9 percent of the total) in Hamburg were persons with a “refugee status“, according to the police. Frequent charges include assault and shoplifting. A particular heinous crime was committed in St. Georg just last month: By crying for help, five African men lured a 28-year-old nurse into a park where they raped her, robbed her and beat her unconscious.

Full article: Gemrany: Mob of 100 Africans Threatens Police (Gatestone Europe)

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