‘The EU will COLLAPSE’ Le Pen blasts Germany for using the euro as a ‘POLITICAL WEAPON’

For years already, Global Geopolitics has warned that Europe would swing to the right politically and socially. For years already, Global Geopolitics has warned about Germany’s Fourth Reich and how it dominates the European continent once again. We’re now see this come to fruition.

What’s next? In the short-term, a likely breakup of the EU and consolidation of those who toe the German line into a new power bloc, the United States of Europe.


Marine Le Pen has blasted Germany for championing the euro [GETTY]


MARINE Le Pen has called the euro a “political weapon” used by Germany – and that the moment France quits the bloc the shared currency will be the point of “collapse”.

The eurosceptic MEP has been outspoken in her criticism of the , claiming the currency has been used by Merkel as a way to manipulate other European nations and bring them to their knees for its own profit.

The Front National leader said: “The euro is a potent tool used by Germany to engage in permanent monetary dumping.

“It suits the Germans just fine but we unfortunate travelling companions cannot be subjected to this misery for ever to promote their happiness.”

She said: “We can do nothing under the current structure in Europe, and the euro is the keystone. Not a single one of our measures will ever see the light of day.

“The euro is not a currency. It is a political weapon to force countries to implement the policies decided by the EU and keep them on a leash.

“Look at what happened to the Greeks when they said no to austerity, as they were right to do: liquidity for the banks was cut off.”

She urged other nations such as Italy, Spain and Greece to support her fight to conquer Germany’s stranglehold on the Brussels bloc.

Le Pen said: “They may rally around France and agree to dismantle this structure together in an orderly way before it collapses in chaos.”

Ratings agencies have warned that France could default if the Front National carries out its threat to switch €1.7 trillion of French public debt into francs.

Yet Le Pen roasted the credit rating conglomerations for serving the “powerful vested interests” of parties and people who wish to keep her nation to restricted by the establishment agenda.

She warned the Telegraph: “We will tell our creditors that it is in their long-term advantage to ensure the economic vitality of France.”

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