Soros-funded network backing legal challenges to Trump’s immigration order

George Soros

The Open Society Foundations, founded by leftist billionaire George Soros, is bankrolling a number of organizations that have filed legal challenges to President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations.

“Leftists have no regard for the security and well-being of the American people. To the contrary, they have been busy filing lawsuits around the country in an attempt to thwart the president’s attempt to keep Americans safe from radical Islamic terrorists. And Soros is keeping the money train going,” Joseph Klein wrote for FrontPage Mag on Feb. 7.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that pressure groups funded by George Soros are litigating to keep U.S. ports-of-entry wide open to terrorists and other people who hate America,” Matthew Vadum, senior vice president of the Capital Research Center, told LifeZette.

The Open Society Foundations has contributed at least $35.5 million to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which was one of the first groups to represent plaintiffs challenging Trump’s executive order.

The International Refugee Assistance Project at the Urban Justice Center and the National Immigration Law Center, also funded in part by Soros, have participated in the litigation. Taryn Higashi, executive director of the Center’s International Refugee Assistance Project, is an Advisory Board Member of the Open Society Foundation’s International Migration Initiative.

Klein wrote that “this is the kind of hysteria the left traffics in. Why didn’t these bleeding hearts cry out when only a very tiny percentage of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States by the Obama administration were the truly persecuted religious minorities who were the victims of genocide? These religious minorities included Christians and Yazidis, whom were virtually ignored by the Obama administration.”

Full article: Soros-funded network backing legal challenges to Trump’s immigration order (World Tribune)

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