SWEDEN PREPARED FOR WAR: Police ordered ‘to be ready’ for battle amid Russian threat

SWEDISH police have been ordered to prepare for a call to arms if war or a crisis situation erupts, commissioner Dan Eliasson has confirmed.

More than 25,000 officers have been “war placed” as the Scandinavian nation bolsters its national defences against potential threats.

The order was given by the police chief at the end of January as every police officer is expected to know their role if a war or crisis should erupt. 

The decision to implement the Government order, which was taken in 2015 after invaded Ukraine and illegally annexed Crimea, affects 28,500 police officers.

Most of the officers will remain in their current roles and counties, even if an emergency situation should occur, however, some might be ordered to serve in the armed forces.

Julia Simryd, the emergency management officer at the national operational department, said: “It is correct that the Police Commissioner had decided all personnel of the Police Authority should be war placed within the authority.

“It means that our employees are expected to appear for duty in the event of heightened alert or war.”

The order comes ashas reinstated its coastal defences, which were disbanded in 2000, after defence chief Michael Bydén and Mr Hultqvist warned the threat from the nuclear superpower had increased drastically.

Footage of Swedish military carrying out drills with a hemerged after , off the southern coast, to strengthen the external borders in September.

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