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They said it could never happen. But it is.

They said it couldn’t happen. They said it wouldn’t happen. But today it will happen.

Today will see the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, the man once regarded as a long-shot for the Republican nomination, as America’s 45th President.

In an age when the establishment is increasingly losing its grip over the political system and the media, there is no doubt that Trump represents a new age in Western politics.

One which sees those from outside the conventional political route rise up, bypass traditional media and win.

It is clear that Trump’s lack of regard and frankly lack of need for much of the mainstream media scares the hell out of them. He can already Facebook Live stream to 17.8 million people on his Facebook page and tweet out to a following some 20.5 million strong. Direct mass contact without the middle-man.

This style of politics isn’t a fad or a passing trend. It is the new way of the world. Raw and unfiltered. We hope and believe that it is here to stay.

Ignore those who cast doubt. Mostly, they are terrified by a man who plays by his own rules and doesn’t bow to conventions.

Donald Trump has already defied the odds to get this far, to get to this moment. Do not bet against him setting the type of extraordinary Presidential legacy that few, yet again, are predicting.

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