The Effort to Undermine Trump Continues

What you’re seeing from the corrupt government is a threatened corrupt government. It’s making preemptive desperate attempts to discredit, sideline, hamper and delegitimize Donald Trump before he takes office, and will continue thereafter for as long as it can. They have to strike first and do all the damage they can. They know their corrupt rein is up.

One thing you can see out of this are the corrupt people for who they really are, such as John McCain and all the Clinton/Obama-appointed intelligence agency heads.

What was done in the dark for several decades is now coming to light and heads in Washington will roll come January 20.


What is getting really interesting is just how desperate many in Washington seem to be about Trump. It seems they are really concerned that he will cut off the gravy train in Washington. Even the Republicans hoped they could train him, fearing that his ban on lobbying for five years could be a deathblow to their livelihood.

Trump is not a racist as the nutcases claim; they are prompted by the Democrats in the campaign. Nobody can discriminate against any class, race, or religion as president. He cannot even overrule abortion — that is the Supreme Court’s decision. So why all the hatred and exaggeration? Why are people saying he wants to stop Muslims coming from other countries? The overall nastiness of those on the left against anyone who disagrees with them is stunning.

Here are the words of Christine Fair, an associate professor in Georgetown’s School for Foreign Service. “I’ve written you off as a human being,” Fair said in regards to Trump supporters. “Your vote helped normalize Nazis in D.C. What don’t you understand, you clueless dolt?” Fair later added, “YOU publicly voted for a sex assailant.” The hatred in these words from someone who teaches at Georgetown is very alarming. Someone with this much bias should never be allowed to teach anyone. It shows that the words coming from her mouth are far worse than the “hate speech” many accuse Trump of spouting out.

The allegations that Trump’s people were in contact with Russia has never been carried out by any independent agency. This was a memo by a British operative hired by the Democrats to discredit Trump. These questionable intelligence agencies (Gang of Four) admitted that they had nothing but a memo. They also admitted that as part of ongoing intelligence, Russia has been seeking such information for every election since the 1960s, just as the USA does even with allies. Clapper tried to make the distinction between simply hacking to get info, as the USA does, and trying to use that info. When asked if he would sanction Russia, he backed off and said you have to consider the retaliation.

All of this is obviously trying to distract from his first press conference. I have never seen such machinations before a president takes office. This is an unbelievable attempt to undermine the new administration. I may not approve of Trump’s reliance on Goldman Sachs, but this type of slander is really taking this mess way too far. This is clearly demonstrating how divided the nation has become and how confidence in government is absolutely imploding. Meanwhile, Obama will stay in Washington and try to undermine Trump as well.

The Democrats are all about political correctness which in itself requires turning one group against another. There has never been this uniting force that use to exist in the United States. This uprising that proclaims Trump is not their president demonstrates how this is all coming to an end and that 2015.75 was indeed the peak in government.

Full article: The Effort to Undermine Trump Continues (Martin Armstrong)

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