Russia plans INVISIBLE ‘STEALTH’ TANKS as scientists storm towards military breakthrough

This is reminiscent on British and American technology that have been under development for over a decade now, with the Chinese also following suit.


A T-14 Armata Russian tank [NC]

RUSSIA is close to developing “invisible” tanks due to a huge scientific breakthrough.

Scientists in Moscow have created a new material which makes war vehicles invisible to radar by manipulating electromagnetic waves.

Researchers at the city’s National University of Science and Technology have created a material which can block, absorb or bend waves, making the tanks essentially invisible. 

The project’s director Alexei Basharin said: “The experimental part of our research was the creation of a one-of-a-kind metamaterial consisting of a small flat grid of the so-called meta-molecules cut out from a solid piece of ordinary steel.”

The university later explained the new technology could be used for “stealth” combat.

A spokesman said: “An addition of a nonlinear semiconductor will turn the metamaterial into an adjustable screen for stealth technologies, which make fighting vehicles less visible in radio, infrared and other bands.”

“The Russian Satellite Communications Company and other space-related organisations have already shown interest in the new material.”

This is just the latest secret weapon developed by Russia in recent months.

Full article: Russia plans INVISIBLE ‘STEALTH’ TANKS as scientists storm towards military breakthrough (Express)

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