The Russian Hack Narrative and the Real Reasons Behind it


The Democrats have not been this decimated since 1928. They’ve become hysterical, unhinged, wholly ineffective as a political party, repudiated, recalled, replaced, and marginalized by a nation they had not served. Their media, their propaganda arm, has been discredited. Into this vacuum the Hacking Narratives arrived to explain away the disaster that was the Obama Presidency; to salve the wounds and medicate the collective self-inflicted anxiety experienced by the once-great party’s supporters.


The NARRATIVE concluded by the Intel Report was that Vladimir Putin wanted to make Donald Trump win.

By extension the True Believer wants to believe that Vladimir Putin MADE Donald Trump win. Quite a difference. They would like to impose on the people the belief, among other things, that Russian hacking of the voting machines destroyed Clinton votes and flooded the machines with Trump votes.  It’s the kind of narrative a mother might read to her small children so they won’t be afraid of the dark. The “dark” in this case lives at Trump Towers, which as it happens, is a dark colored skyscraper. Inside however, it’s brightly lit.

The intel report the Loyal Opposition hoped for would have proved, or left open to discussion, the notion that the Russians helped Donald Trump win. It hoped to connect WIKILEAKS to the Russian hacking.

It failed to conclude either to what would satisfy the hope.

That’s the point.

That was the deception and the distraction.

The powers that wanted to diminish and delegitimize Donald Trump’s massive, overwhelming landslide victory – meaning the losers wishing and hoping – conflated the leaking with the inconclusive and arguably specious evidence of hacking by Russians, Chinese, Albanians and the Senegalese. Behind all these was the sudden, and for all appearances, politically-motivated expulsion of the Russian delegation.

The leaking (widespread release) of information, which is not the same thing as hacking (intrusive, illegal collecting) of information, appeared from a source that was independent and not connected to the Russian hackers. This sleight of hand of language and meaning is the two-legged stool upon which the politically-motivated disingenuous intel report was mounted.

In other words, the hand that was moving (WIKI) distracted the audience from the real story: the hand that was not moving (the Russians.).  Otherwise known as a magic trick.

Donald Trump and everyone else accepts that Russia, China and many others have been hacking into US government and business concerns. He has no reason however to accept, just because Vlad likes him more than Hill, or just because someone interested in changing the facts on the ground, that the Russians influenced or “helped” him win. The reason is that there’s no evidence to support that contention; and Trump was not provided with any evidence from the intelligence briefing to support it.


The Russian hacks could not have affected the outcome of the election for at least three reasons among a number of others:

1. The Russians didn’t leak any information to the best of our knowledge that they had hacked. What we assume is that they had collected intel from the hacking. In other words, we don’t know what information they hacked and what they had kept, if any. What we can assume – and it is just a guess at best – is that they hacked unsecured servers and email accounts, courtesy of Hillary, Podesta, DNC and the White House.

We do know that during the same period the Chinese, the Romulans and Klingons also hacked into the same servers. The Russians are being blamed for the crimes of all; and Donald Trump is being blamed to have alone benefitted from the information that, no evidence exists that anyone received.

We also know that Obama’s Rasputin-impersonator, Valerie Jarrett, promised Hillary that she will never become president. Reports are that she was the one who released Hillary’s emails.

2. WIKI leaked information it certified it did not get from the Russians. WIKI does not deny that it leaked the emails. It is proud of it. It implied, or it is the conventional knowledge not denied by anyone, the leaks came from a Democrat source. The initials VJ, as a probable track behind the leaks, was not confirmed.

3. No evidence exists that voting machines were hacked or tampered with anywhere, because none of the voting machines were connected to the Internet, and the ones examined were duly filled with Trump votes, aka, the Will of The People.

Most importantly, no rational mind would think that after more than a half century Russian spying is news.

It is only news when there’s an agenda to distract from other, more important news. For example the analysis in the foregoing that shed light on a false narrative being readied for the next four or eight years to obstruct America’s future.

A rational mind might conclude that the entire hacking narrative was fabricated, conflated and manufactured fiction, or among the literati better understood as FAKE NEWS.

Take last week’s WashPo story of a utility having been definitely hacked by the Russians. Problem: The utility’s computers were not internet connected. What was definite one day turned out to be indefinite the next. Possibly the Russians have no idea why they, and not the Jews this time like almost every other time, are being blamed for everything imaginable, including sunspots.

WashPo, one of the nation’s premier news outlets purchased by Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos for the express purpose of defeating Donald Trump, had to withdraw its FAKE NEWS story that was shortly picked up by The New York Times that had to withdraw its FAKE NEWS story that was picked up across the international media that respectively had to withdraw their FAKE NEWS stories, but continued to blame Donald Trump for the utility’s woes.

Many other fake news stories from the same “reliable” media sources have not been withdrawn. For example, the sexual escapades of 11 unknown Hillary-voting women put on the national stage by Clinton delegate-attorney Gloria Allred, who made daily FAKE NEWS indictments of sexual hacking by Donald Trump’s small hands and open lips. One might wonder what happened to all those FAKE women with fake breasts and FAKE stories?

The only story these “real news” sources, WashPo, Times, HuffPo and the rest did not withdraw, is the charge that Donald is a cannibal who eats black and Hispanic babies for brunch.


The only Americans surprised by the contents of Hillary’s emails were progressives who did not want to hear the gory details of corruption and collusion with the mainstream media wholly in the Democrat’s pockets.

The emails were unquestionably authentic and damning, their contents were leaked to the press and the public deliberately and timely, and arguably if your sentiments are boundless HOPE, they could have had some small, insignificant effect on the election results – let’s say three votes – even though the intel report stated it had no effect at all.

PART II: The response to the leaking

Sean Hannity’s interview with Julien Assange appears to be of an astute, honest and sincere man. The host presented few leading questions and the guest showed little, if any, partisanship.

(see above for video)

After watching it in its entirety, whom do you believe: DNI James Clapper, DCI John Brenner, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, or Julien Assange who is hounded and under house arrest by these three because of his activities, and what he knows about them? Consider this may be upcoming next from WIKI: The goods on Obama and some of his associates.

One charge by the political left is that the Trump dismissal of America’s intel agencies on whom he is to rely is unpatriotic, un-American, and disingenuous.


The report took some time to appear after eight years – eight weeks to be exact – because Obama’s ghost writers needed time to develop the Democrat-and-#NeverTrump-approved narrative, to refine the lawyerly language meant to distract, deceive, divert, delude and cast doubt on Donald Trump’s legitimacy. And to give the Democrats and #NeverTrumpers in congress hanging on by their nails to sanity, something by which to explain away Hillary’s and Obama’s monumental incompetence followed by their monumental loss.

Meanwhile, the other 13 intel agencies not participating in any significant manner (in a fashion similar to the 11 women who accused Trump of cannibalism with small hands and other unmentionable infractions), promptly disappeared.

Presumably they’ll have none of the political circus, assumptions out of thin air, and stories that would stretch the imagination of young children, that asserted facts a priori the publication of the report itself. Clearly, the career civil servants and patriots at the non-participating agencies have no interest in furthering the fragmenting, dividing and misleading of their nation. Or the fact that the same intel agencies, John Brennan and James Clapper gave us THIS!

DNI Clapper, DCI Brennan and the rest are wholly partisan agents who had no future at their respective agencies in the future Trump administration. Their intel report is arguably crafty, sophisticated and specious – the product of the few participating intel agencies to the report having been wholly politicized first, and fictionalized later by Obama, to do his, and not America’s, bidding.

They are the agencies that have cast doubt on themselves, not as they might have wished, on the legitimacy of the election.

Five other nations hacked Hillary’s server according to the same non-participating agencies who did nothing about it for eight years. That their sponsor, Barry Soetoro is about to leave power, and tried and failed to connect Assange with motives he never had, Russians with unknown motives, embarrassed America with the Russian delegate fiasco, his only achievement leaves us Fake News narratives for release by the New York Times, Wash Po, CNN and MSNBC, specially embellished for their brain dead audiences.

Now you have the context and you can take it to the bank.

The final intel report turned out to be inconclusive, so far not corroborating in what way the Russians helped Trump, and not corroborated by Team Trump. It produced no reliable charges or evidence that the hacking had any effect on the national election. In fact the report said so. The lawyerly language of the final product, filled with maybes, may haves, probablys and possiblys, mean something if “maybe” means something to you. And if you do not believe this was a partisan intel report, you also believe government does not deliberately lie to you.


Most amusing to We, The Informed People, who’ve eaten eight years of stale leftwing propaganda for lunch, is that the real reasons for the hacking narrative are actually twofold. I covered the first in the foregoing. One is partisan: to take away the edge from the monumental and sooo-satisfying to many-an-American, Trump Triumph. The second is strategic, and would have remained mostly secret until you’ve read this report.

Not secret to the Russians of course, and that is why they did not retaliate and throw out the American delegation. Remember they had hacked Obama’s bedroom, they know what time in the middle of the night he gets up to do his leaking and in which direction. They know what he’s thinking.

The narrative has taken life because government does not expect the people to understand Psy-Ops – psychological counterintel operations and warfare. Psyops is by nature deception, diversion, distraction, depredation, creating illusions, magic tricks and delusion, and more, in a nutshell. Fake News, fake narratives. These black operations are performed perfunctorily in the everyday executing of false flag intel disinformation ops, and are kept for good reasons secret from The People, as well as from the target.

Full article: The Russian Hack Narrative and the Real Reasons Behind it (The Canada Free Press)

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