Russian diplomat found dead in Moscow apartment

(MOSCOW, RUSSIA) Russian media outlet REN TV is reporting that police found Peter Polshikov, the Head of Russia’s Latin America Department of the Foreign Ministry shot dead in his Moscow apartment Monday evening. Officially, this information is not confirmed, but is being widely reported by British and Russian media. A source who knew Polshikov shared pictures with REN TV reporters of the now deceased diplomat. 

Earlier, the source said that the body of a man with a gunshot wound to the head was found in a Moscow apartment. Two cartridges were found in the room. an automatic pistol was found lying under the sink in the bathroom.

Polshikov’s wife was also in the apartment when police responded. Currently, authorities are considering two versions of events: one, a suicide, the second, a murder.

Full article: Russian diplomat found dead in Moscow apartment (TruNews)

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