PUTIN’S WARNING: Russia develops HYPERSONIC AIRCRAFT to penetrate ‘EVERY’ defence system

russia rocket vladimir putin

Russian scientists are set to make a major military breakthrough with the new tech. (Getty)


RUSSIAN scientists are developing a destructive hypersonic aircraft capable of travelling more than five times the speed of sound in a latest threat to the West, it has been claimed.

The high-tech gliders will be capable of penetrating “virtually every” missile defence system, according to a top figure at a Russian military research agency.

Boris Statovsky, of the Future Research Fund in Moscow, said the breakthrough would ensure “global military-strategic parity” within four decades.

He said: “Thanks to their outstanding technical characteristics, such systems will be able to break through virtually every existing missile defence system, thus ensuring global military-strategic parity in the next 30 to 40 years.”

Mr Statovsky added that in combat the warheads are almost impossible to intercept thanks to their ability to shift targets in flight.

This comes as Russian president Vladimir Putin gave a “really clear response” after Barack Obama told him to “cut it out” over allegations the Kremlin authorised cyber attacks against the united states.

The Future Research Fund has sponsored scientific research for the Russian military since 2012, including high-risk projects with the potential of reaching major breakthroughs for Vladimir Putin’s army.

The Fund is developing 50 new hypersonic ballistic glider projects in more than 40 laboratories at Russian universities, research institutes and defence enterprises.

Full article: PUTIN’S WARNING: Russia develops HYPERSONIC AIRCRAFT to penetrate ‘EVERY’ defence system (Express)

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